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  • Bread and Donkey for Breakfast. How IT Law False Friends Can Confound Lawmakers: an Italian Tale About Digital Signatures (Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review, 6/2009)
  • an article wrote with my German fellow Dominik Gassen about the Pan-European verification platform for notarial digital signatures, that has been created by a team (called IVTF) that I chaired for a few years and is now led by Dominik. It has been published on the Michigan State Journal of International Law, volume 17 (2008/2009) Issue 3
  • What You See Is NOT What You Sign (and Notarize): presentation at the NNA 2008 International Forum, May 2008, New Orleans, LA
  • International e-notarization: European developments. Presentation at the Third International Forum on Digital Evidence: A Strategic Look at eNotarization, eApostilles and Authentication, Los Angeles, May 30th - June 2nd 2007
  • The role of the Civil Law Notary in electronic contracts: the abstract of the Italian National Report to the 2004 UINL Congress (with Michele Nastri)
  • Digital deeds and online incorporations in Italy: the Mexico 2004 demo; my 2005 presentation on a similar subject as shown in a NNA/UINL/HCCH event in Las_Vegas (and in another ITU event in Riga)