The party's anthem was sung in karaoke fashion at American-style conventions. After the sudden fall of Prodi II Cabinet on 24 January 2008, the break-up of The Union coalition and the subsequent political crisis paving the way towards a new general election, Berlusconi hinted on 25 January that Forza Italia would have probably contested its last election and the new party would have been officially founded only after that election. This led to the disappearance of the five parties which governed Italy from 1947: DC, PSI, PSDI, PLI and PRI (they formed a successful five-party coalition called Pentapartito from 1983 to 1991, and then governed without PRI from 1991 to 1994) and to the end of the so-called First Republic. Forza Italia's aim was to attract moderate voters who were "disoriented, political orphans and who risked being unrepresented" (as Berlusconi described them), especially if the post-Communist Democratic Party of the Left was to win the next election and enter in government for the first time since 1947. The PdL's break-up and the exit of the New Centre-Right (NCD) left FI with a more liberal base. It is a natural right, which belongs to us as we are human beings and it itself rather lays the foundations of the State. Sorveglianza speciale di pubblica sicurezza, aggravata dall'obbligo di soggiorno nel Comune di residenza, con braccialetto elettronico per il leader romano di Forza Nuova, Giuliano Castellino. [19], Forza Italia thus presented itself as a bridge between Catholics and non-Catholics, who have been previously divided in the political system of the First Republic, and "the union of three political-cultural areas: that of liberal and popular Catholicism, that of secular, liberal and republican humanism and that of liberal socialism". English Articles. This was the line of the early founders of the party, notably Marcello Dell'Utri and Antonio Martino. The latter voted against Berlusconi's expulsion,[33][34] but since then completely parted ways from FI. Chi fa un discorso da leader. [...] We believe that the State should be at the service of citizens, and not citizens at the service of the State. Forza Italia's leader was replaced as prime minister by Lamberto Dini, an independent politician who had been the administration's treasury minister. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Forza Italia is a liberal party although not an elitist one, indeed a popular liberal-democratic party; it is a Catholic party although not a confessional one; it is a secular party, although not an intolerant and secularist one; it is a national party, although not a centralist one. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color family {{familyColorButtonText(}} Giorgia Meloni , leader of Fratelli d'Italia party, Silvio Berlusconi, President of Forza Italia and former Italian … [84], In June Berlusconi appointed Toti and Carfagna national coordinators, with the goal of reforming and relaunching the party. However Claudio Scajola and most former Christian Democrats supported a more capillary-based organization, in order to make participate as much people as possible, and a more collegial, participative and democratic decision-making process. [111] The party is a member of the Europeanist, centre-right European People's Party (EPP). Unlike vanilla Italy and other mediocre Italy mods, Forza Italia aims at establishing immersion, prioritizing attention to detail, … The first to leave was Angelino Alfano, once designated as Forza Italia’s next leader, who split in 2013 to form the New Centre Right (NCD), now a junior partner in Mr Renzi’s coalition. [23], Among the supporters of the return to FI, the so-called "hawks"[24] and self-proclaimed "loyalists",[25] a leading role was played by Raffaele Fitto, who, despite the common Christian-democratic background, was a long-time rival of Alfano. [26][27] The symbol of FI made its return in the 2013 Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol provincial elections, although in a regional fashion: "Forza Trentino"[28] and "Forza Alto Adige" (in list with Lega Nord Alto Adige – Südtirol).[29]. Sondaggio: Conte sale, il governo no. Lega e Fdi contro. Europa da cambiare, ma non in discussione, "Berlusconi abbraccia la Merkel e l'europeismo, ed era ora", "Coalizione alla tedesca: la Merkel "riabilita" Berlusconi per un governo Pd-Forza Italia", Early 20th-century Italian political parties, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies,, Member parties of the European People's Party, Parties represented in the European Parliament, Articles with incomplete citations from December 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 December 2020, at 05:50. (Photo by Stefano Montesi - Corbis/Getty Images) Embed … Party national-level conventions did not have normally elections to choose the party leadership (although the National Congress elected some members of the National Council), and they seemed to be more like events arranged for propaganda purposes. Thomas Jansen; Steven Van Hecke (28 June 2011). [20] The day before a group of dissidents (mainly Christian democrats), led by Berlusconi's former protégé Angelino Alfano, had broken away by announcing the foundation of the alternative New Centre-Right (NCD). It aims at representing business owners' interests. Two weeks before the regional election, Fitto left the European People's Party Group in the European Parliament in order to join the European Conservatives and Reformists. I have in front of me a telegram you sent to Mr Berlusconi, leader of Forza Italia. According to an article from Corriere della Sera, on the so-called "ethical issues" (abortion, LGBT rights, etc. [73] In the context of a more united centre-right, Costa might form the "fourth leg" of the coalition, after the LN, FI and the FdI, by uniting other AP splinters, DI, F!, Identity and Action (IdeA), the Italian Liberal Party (PLI), the Union of the Centre (UdC), and the Pensioners' Party (PP),[74][75][76] all variously affiliated with FI and the centre-right. To understand the novelty of Forza Italia three features are relevant: the ‘product’ innovation, which consists of the leader, Silvio Berlusconi, with his personal party; the competitive innovation, related to the alliance politics opened … It is difficult to say to what faction Berlusconi was closer, what is sure is that his political record was a synthesis of all the political tendencies within the party. It is decidedly a left-wing policy. Forza Italia (FI) è stato un partito politico italiano di centro-destra, attivo dal 18 gennaio 1994 al 27 marzo 2009 e poi rifondato in un omonimo partito il 16 novembre 2013.Presidente e leader del partito è stato, sin dalla sua fondazione, Silvio Berlusconi. Members of Forza Italia were divided in factions, which were sometimes mutable and formed over the most important political issues, despite previous party allegiances. Sandro Bondi, a leading member of the party, wrote: The party included also non-Catholic members, but they were a minority, and it was less secular in its policies than German Christian Democratic Union[34] (in which there are also prominent Jews[35]). Coronavirus, dopo auguri Fornaro (Leu) Camera tributa applauso a Silvio Berlusconi. [108] Finally, FI considers Italy as a country with a Christian civilization and, thus, favours displaying Christian symbols in public places. [95][96] In 2018 Toti lost the title of "political counselor" (the closest thing to a number two so far) and Berlusconi appointed Antonio Tajani as vice president. Within the party there was a long debate over organization. FILE - In this Nov. 21, 2019 file photo, Silvio Berlusconi, Italian former Premier and President of Forza Italia (Go Italy) party speaks during the European Peoples Party (EPP) congress in Zagreb, Croatia. FI includes several factions and ideological trends. Occhio, perché lui corre da solo. In December 1999 Forza Italia gained full membership of the European People's Party,[12] of which Antonio Tajani, party leader in the European Parliament, was Vice President. Il leader di Forza Italia ha poi aggiunto: «Siamo consapevoli che la situazione del Paese è sempre più grave, possiamo dire che non è mai stata così grave dall’inizio della pandemia. As of the end of December 2013, Berlusconi was set to appoint two vice-presidents: Antonio Tajani (European Commissioner and vice-president of the European People's Party) and Giovanni Toti (former editor of Studio Aperto and TG4,[35] two news programs of Berlusconi's Mediaset). E c?è il caso Toscana", "Fitto, nasce associazione Conservatori e Riformisti", "FI, gruppo Camera fa i conti: ipotesi scissione Fitto 'vale' 1 milione di euro", "Raffaele Fitto, con lui dodici senatori: ecco i nomi", "Denis Verdini lascia Forza Italia: "Con Berlusconi posizioni distanti, vado via, "Alfano, Bondi, Fitto, Verdini: Due anni di addii a Berlusconi", "Il lento declino del Berlusconi politico e il centrodestra non sa più dove andare", "Una poltrona per due: Salvini e Parisi in guerra per la leadership", "Donald Trump esalta e divide il centrodestra. Forza Italia hasn’t polled above 15 percent support since last year. The meeting was organized to celebrate the twenty-fifth year of Forza Italia political party and to present the new candidates for the European elections. Mostra meno Mostra altro. Sotto sotto...", "Pd-azzurri: asse sui diritti (senza Ncd)", "Unioni civili, confronto in Forza Italia", "Unioni civili e adozioni, Pd diviso Berlusconi: "No al ddl Cirinnà, "Unioni civili sono legge: M5s si astiene. Before being merged into the PdL, Forza Italia had a President (currently Silvio Berlusconi), two Vice-Presidents (Giulio Tremonti and Roberto Formigoni), a Presidential Committee (presided by Claudio Scajola) and a National Council (presided by Alfredo Biondi). Il leader di Fi, Silvio Berlusconi, nomina il senatore Renato Schifani suo consigliere politico. Forza Italia is a new party. Forza Italia apre all’ipotesi di votare lo scostamento di bilancio con la maggioranza. Berlusconi chose Toti as candidate for President in Liguria, confirmed incumbent Stefano Caldoro as the party's standard-bearer in Campania and renewed their support of LN's Luca Zaia in Veneto. [107] When FI's predecessors were in power, they restricted the legislation on the matter, with the Fini-Giovanardi law. [67][68][69], Since then, the party has strengthened its position in parliament, thanks to an influx of MPs from other parties, including several returning after years of dissent. Silvio Berlusconi was sworn in May 1994 as prime minister of Italy in a government in which the most important cabinet posts were held by fellow FI members: Antonio Martino was foreign minister, Cesare Previti defence minister, Alfredo Biondi justice minister and Giulio Tremonti (at the time an independent member of Parliament) finance minister. Il leader della Lega Matteo Salvini, come accade ormai sempre più spesso, va all’attacco senza aver compreso bene il motivo per cui lo fa. In the same year, it scored very well (25.2%) in the 1999 European Parliament election. Scontri a Verona, il leader di Forza Nuova: «Questo è solo l’antipasto» Luca Castellini, ex ultrà Hellas: «Siamo a fianco delle persone disperate». Maurizio Cotta; Luca Verzichelli (12 May 2007). Grasso: nessun rinvio sul voto", "Decadenza Berlusconi, Alfano: una brutta giornata per la democrazia", "Mediaset, cambio ai vertici Al posto di Giovanni Toti arrivano Giordano e Broggiato", "Forza Italia - Responsabili Uffici e Dipartimenti nazionali", "Berlusconi taps newsman as party advisor", "Ministero dell'Interno Archivio Storico delle Elezioni - Europee del 25 Maggio 2014", "Fi, Fitto lancia i "ricostruttori" "Stiamo e saremo nel partito, "Dall?ex tesoriere ai pugliesi: chi sta con Fitto E Verdini prova ad assottigliare la pattuglia", "Lotte intestine e mosse del governo Berlusconi ora si sente sotto assedio", "Forza Italia, la mappa del partito: nomi e cognomi, ecco tutte le correnti e i loro obiettivi", "Italicum, oggi voto finale. So great was this potential, the Allies could have been defeated in the Mediterranean with ease. A democracy cannot afford citizens in poor conditions. After months of negotiations, the centre-right fragmented as the LN chose to team up with the M5S and formed a yellow-green government, also dubbed as Government of Change, under Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. The party used TV advertising extensively, although this has been slightly restricted since 2000 by a law passed by the then centre-left majority. [54] By mid July, when CR was formally established as a party, nine deputies, ten senators and another MEP had left FI in order to follow Fitto. Forza Italia [3] (Forward Italy, FI) was a liberal-conservative, [4] [5] Christian democratic, [2] and liberal [6] political party in Italy, with a large social democratic minority, [2] that was led by Silvio Berlusconi, four times Prime Minister of Italy.. Whereas most of its members are supportive of the European Union (EU), the most notable example being Tajani (President of the European Parliament since 2017), others are slightly Eurosceptic and have criticised the Euro and Germany's role in the EU. On 31 July 2007 Berlusconi's protegee and possible successor Michela Vittoria Brambilla registered the name and the logo of the "Freedom Party" (Partito della Libertà) apparently with Berlusconi's backing. During his five years in office, Berlusconi government passed a series of reforms: a pension system reform, a labour market reform, a judiciary reform and a constitutional reform – the latter rejected by a referendum in June 2006. The party was founded in December 1993 and won its first election soon afterwards in March 1994. We believe that the State should be the servant of the citizen and not the citizen the servant of the State. The manner and the timing of its entry into the political arena were totally exceptional. The manner and the timing of its entry into the political arena were totally exceptional. Struttura, leadership e radicamento territoriale, Il Mulino, Bologna. Silvio Berlusconi – Leader di Forza Italia – L’intervista 14/11/2019. Five years of opposition (1996–2001) Edit Berlusconi fa la sua scelta", "Salvini a Firenze: "Pronto a fare il leader del centrodestra" -", "Centrodestra: Berlusconi scarica Parisi, non può avere un ruolo se in contrasto con Salvini - Politica", "Berlusconi scarica Parisi: "No a ruoli per lui se resta contrasto con Salvini" La replica di Parisi: "Io vado avanti", "Parisi launches new center-right party - English", "Centrodestra, Parisi lancia il nuovo movimento 'Energie per l'Italia': «Rinnovamento radicale dal basso", "Parisi lancia ŤEnergie per l'Italiať: alternativi a Renzi e Grillo", " - Senato della Repubblica - Variazioni nei Gruppi parlamentari", " - XVII Legislatura - Deputati e Organi Parlamentari - Composizione gruppi Parlamentari", "Governo, si è dimesso ministro Enrico Costa: "Niente ambiguità, "Costa lascia il governo Via al partito centrista che nasce contro Alfano", "Berlusconi accoglie i centristi. New, too, were its organizational structure and political culture. [82][83] In the election, FI received only 8.8% of the vote, its worst result ever. A scheme of the internal factions within Forza Italia could be this: Christian democrats and liberal-centrists were undoubtedly the strongest factions within the party, but all four were mainstream for a special issue: for example liberals and liberal-centrists were highly influential over economic policy, Christian democrats led the party over ethical issues (although there was a substantial minority promoting a more progressive outlook), while social democrats had their say in defining the party's policy over labour market reform and, moreover, it is thanks to this group (and to those around Tremonti, he himself a former Socialist) that constitutional reform was at the top of Forza Italia's political agenda. Tre deputati vanno con la Lega Il tentativo di dialogo col Governo scatena una tempesta tra gli azzurri e nel centrodestra. Its leader is Silvio Berlusconi, former Prime Minister of Italy (1994–1995, 2001–2006, 2008–2011). The party, formed out of the former People of Freedom (PdL), is a revival of the defunct Forza Italia (FI), active from 1994 to 2009, when it was merged with National Alliance (AN) and several minor parties to form the PdL. However it is possible to distinguish some patterns. Pronto il nome: "Italia Civica, "E Berlusconi ordinò: "Fermate l'esodo o cade l'esecutivo, "TRA QUARTE GAMBE E BAD COMPANY, VIAGGIO NELLA GALASSIA CENTRISTA IMPLOSA PER L'ANSIA DA SEGGIO", "Fratelli d'Italia: via An e Msi dal simbolo. The name is not usually translated into English:, Since 2018 Lega Nord has filed electoral lists as, 2013 Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol provincial elections, "Silvio rialza la bandiera liberale e liberista", "Chi sono i populisti? [98] However, recent developments proved the party more socially conservative. In base alle ultime indiscrezioni sembra che il fondatore di Forza Italia abbia deciso di dare una sorta di buonuscita dal valore di 20 milioni di euro, più una cifra per il “mantenimento” di 1 milione di euro l’anno. FI clarified that it considers marriage solely as the union between a man and a woman. [104] The party has criticized illegal immigration and the way it has been managed by centre-left coalition governments. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Silvio Berlusconi a tutto campo . The party was founded in December 1993 and won its first general election soon afterwards in March 1994. Guarda anche . [48] However, Berlusconi and Fitto did not find an agreement on the composition of the slates in Apulia, where the two wings of the party fielded two opposing candidates for president,[49][50][51] and similar problems arose in Tuscany,[52] Verdini's (and Renzi's) home region and stronghold. Loyalists included Antonio Martino, Renato Brunetta, Denis Verdini, Mariastella Gelmini, Mara Carfagna, Daniela Santanchè, Niccolò Ghedini and Daniele Capezzone, while Maurizio Gasparri, Altero Matteoli and Paolo Romani tried to mediate, but finally joined the new FI. There was nominally no internal opposition (although some critical voices raised up, such as those of Senators Paolo Guzzanti and Raffaele Iannuzzi). [9], Alessandro Campi wrote that "the political culture of Forza Italia – a curious and, on many respects, untold mixture of "liberalism" and "democratic populism" – deserves to be described as an "anti-ideologic ideology", [...] as a synthesis or fusion of very diverse political families and traditions (from liberal catholicism to social conservatism, from reformist socialism to economic liberalism), kept together by the mobilizing appeal to "freedom"". For our Region this proposal is undoubtedly a huge … [112][113][114] The party refuses the "Eurosceptic" label, while supporting a reform of the EU. ROME, ITALY - JULY 24: Mariastella Gelmini, group leader of Forza Italia at the Chamber of Deputies, during the press conference of Forza Italia to illustrate its proposals for profoundly correcting the dignity decree presented by the Conte Governmenton July 24, 2018 in Rome, Italy. Many were former Liberals (PLI), Republicans (PRI) and Social Democrats (PSDI): Alfredo Biondi (President of Forza Italia's National Council) and Raffaele Costa, both former PLI leaders, and former PSDI leader Carlo Vizzini were later MPs for Forza Italia. A Forza Italia senator, who declined to be named, agreed: “Lawmakers have to deal with their survival instinct,” he said. In 1996 the Pole of Freedoms finally lost the elections and began what Berlusconi called "the crossing of the desert", something that could have been proven fatal for a young and unstructured party such as Forza Italia. [40] Fitto's supporters included Capezzone, Maurizio Bianconi, Rocco Palese, Saverio Romano, Cinzia Bonfrisco, Augusto Minzolini and most Apulian MPs.[41]. But by working with the prime minister, Berlusconi might have hoped to secure a central role for himself in the presidential election. [87] One of the main reasons for the split was Toti's support of an alliance with the League and the Brothers of Italy (FdI) at country-level, about which Berlusconi was reticent and Carfagna against. We believe in the values of our Christian tradition, in the life values which cannot be renounced, in common good, in freedom of education and learning, in peace, in solidarity, in justice, in tolerance [...]. FI also seeks good relations with Russia, especially in defence of the interests of Italian companies that export to the Russian market. [59][60][61], In the 2016 Milan municipal election FI found a strong candidate for mayor in Stefano Parisi, a former director-general of Confindustria and CEO of Fastweb, who pulled the party to 20.2% (virtually double than the LN's score), but however narrowly lost to his Democratic opponent in the run-off, Giuseppe Sala. Its leader is Silvio Berlusconi, former Prime Minister of Italy (1994–1995, 2001–2006, 2008–2011). Lite con Bondi E in Puglia il candidato va con Fitto", "Chiuso l?accordo Lega-Forza Italia con Zaia in Veneto e Toti in Liguria", "Berlusconi-Alfano, intesa in Campania È rottura con Fitto", "In Puglia Berlusconi lancia Poli Bortone: è caos", "Berlusconi fa le liste. The original idea was the so-called "light party" (partito leggero), intended to be different from Italian traditional, bureaucratic and self-referential, party machines. [100][101] Moreover, the party is critical of teaching gender studies in schools. The manner and the timing of its entry into the political arena were totally exceptional. With our book on welfare we tackle the needs of the weakest families. Berlusconi: "Riportare Forza Italia ad essere il primo partito italiano nel Centrodestra" - "Dobbiamo rinnovarci, nei volti e nel linguaggio". After this disappointing electoral performance the cabinet was reshuffled, due to the insistence of the Union of Christian and Centre Democrats's leaders, and Berlusconi formed his third cabinet. Carfagna resta nel partito", "Silvio Berlusconi: "Ecco dove va Forza Italia, "Berlusconi candida Fi alla guida del centrodestra: "Dobbiamo tornare a governare, "Berlusconi:ora progetto governo liberal-riformatore centrodestra", "Berlusconi chiarisce: "Noi non siamo di destra. [62][63][64] In November, when it was clear that Parisi would not come to terms with Salvini, Berlusconi disowned Parisi,[65][66] who responded by launching his own Energies for Italy (EpI) party. Corriere della Sera",, ""Via l'Ici e stretta sulle intercettazioni" Corriere della Sera",, "Svolta di Berlusconi, arriva il Pdl: "Forza Italia-An sotto stesso simbolo"",,,,, liberalism. FI is a much smaller party than the original FI and the early PdL, due to the splits of Future and Freedom (2010), the Brothers of Italy (2012), the New Centre-Right (2013), the Conservative and Reformists (2015) and the Liberal Popular Alliance (2015). In addition, FI is more supportive of free trade agreements rather than protectionism. Ciò che però davvero defin isce Forza Italia è la centralità del suo leader: Berlusconi. Key posts in the party structure were appointed by Berlusconi or by his delegates. In 1994 Berlusconi founded Forza Italia (“Go, Italy!”), a conservative political party, and was elected prime minister. additional speeches by Forza Italia leaders, followed by the elections to the party presidency, the Committee of the Presidency, and the National Council (Consiglio Nazionale). Italy’s former prime minister and right-wing leader Silvio Berlusconi has tested positive to coronavirus after a precautionary check, his press office said on Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020. Soon after the election Berlusconi formed his fourth government. In the election for the Chamber of Deputies, FI scored 23.7% and 137 seats, in those for the Senate 24.0%, without counting Trentino-Alto Adige, whose seats were contested on first-past-the-post basis and which is a left-wing stronghold, due to its alliance with the autonomist South Tyrolean People's Party). Live Statistics. Salvini contro Parisi, trumpisti contro moderati. It was the only party to use the word "President" in its logo. It was the main member of the Pole of Freedoms and the House of Freedoms coalitions, … 2001-2008, "Compendio della Dottrina Sociale della Chiesa",, "Berlusconi, via alle tre riforme "Facciamo una politica di sinistra" - Corriere della Sera",, "Eunomia » Merkel’s CDU Fared Worse Than Expected",,, "Fecondazione, divisi i vertici di Forza Italia",, "Berlusconi: la Margherita venga con noi moderati",, "Pera e la difesa dell' astensione, scontro tra i poli",, "Fecondazione, Ruini chiama all' astensione",, The nature of Forza Italia and the Italian transition, Italian Socialist Party of Proletarian Unity, Italian Democratic Party of Monarchist Unity,, Articles with German-language external links. (Xinhua/Alberto Lingria) (whw) Browse 535 forza italia party leader silvio berlusconi campaigns ahead of the general election stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Quite the same Wikipedia. We believe in freedom, in all its several and vital forms: in the freedom of thought, in the freedom of expression, in religious freedom, of every religion, in the freedom of association. Request PDF | Forza Italia: A Leader with a Party | Forza Italia is a new party. The electoral results of the FI in general (Chamber of Deputies) and European Parliament elections since 2014 are shown in the chart below. [105] It has also declared itself against the introduction of jus soli in Italy. I deputati cattolici: "E' eutanasia, "Migranti, Berlusconi: "Un accordo con la Libia è l'unica soluzione, "Ius soli, Berlusconi: "La cittadinanza va meritata, "Forza Italia - Gasparri: Il professor Veronesi sbaglia, liberalizzare la droga non indebolisce la mafia",, "Esporre il crocifisso nelle aule consiliari, la mozione di Forza Italia -", "Berlusconi: "No a patrimoniali e aumenti Iva, flat tax al 23%, "Fi, Berlusconi sul palco di Fiuggi. BOLOGNA (ITALY) – Italy’s billionaire … Generally speaking, with the long-prepared return to FI, Berlusconi aimed at returning to the party's "liberal roots": in doing that, he reinforced his ties with those liberals, like Antonio Martino, who had been marginalised in the PdL,[92] while losing many of its Christian democrats and conservatives to the NCD. A Forza Italia senator, who declined to be named, agreed: “Lawmakers have to deal with their survival instinct,” he said. Again all ministerial key-posts were given to Forza Italia members: interior (Claudio Scajola 2001–2002, Giuseppe Pisanu 2002–2006), defence (Antonio Martino 2001–2006), finance (Giulio Tremonti, 2001–2004 and 2005–2006), industry (Antonio Marzano 2001–2005, Claudio Scajola 2005–2006) and foreign affairs (Franco Frattini, 2002–2004). Brothers of Italy leader Giorgia Meloni is already poaching Forza Italia members and will put forward four ex-Berlusconi men as candidates for her own party in the May 26 EU vote. Even some former Communists were leading members of the party, such as national party coordinator Sandro Bondi and Fernando Adornato. open_in_new Link to source ; warning Request revision ; However, we know very well, Mr Daul, that you are a pitiful Member, because you were pressured by Forza Italia to make that … We want a social market economy. Nella graduatoria sul gradimento dei leader, la crescita del fondatore di Forza Italia è costante e arriva adesso al 26 per cento. Forza Italia's organization was based on the idea of a "party of the elected people", giving more importance to the whole electorate than to party's members.