dr. Ugo Bechini, notaro   -   email: notaio@tin.it   -   fax: (+39) 010 543291

via XX Settembre 29/12  -  16121  Genova  -  phone (+39) 010 562009  -  map
via Marsala 10/2  -  16035  Rapallo  -  phone (+39) 0185 50596  -  map

Our work

e routinely work for international investors seeking opportunities in Italy, especially in the real estate domain. Our focus is on providing help for international customers who are not familiar with the Italian legal and bureaucratic framework, but expect here the same level of legal certainty they enjoy in their own home country, avoiding unnecessary delays and red tape.

The firm is headquartered in Genoa, with a branch in Rapallo (just a few kilometers from the international resorts of Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure) but we work on real estate and companies anywhere in Italy. With a very few exceptions, registrations and filings can be carried out online in Italy, thanks to the dedicated IT network owned by Italian Civil Law Notaries (CLNs); location is therefore not a major issue.
Nonetheless, we may rely on an extensive network of reliable correspondent CLNs in Italy and in several European countries.

A short bio of CLN Ugo Bechini is available here, and also a few of his publications and his Europass CV.

A sample of our everyday work is available here, in English, Italian and French.

As CLNs, we belong to the large family of Civil Law Notaries (or Latin Notaries), deeply rooted in over 80 countries, that count for more than half of world's population. Read about CLNs in English here; an article is also available from Wikipedia. Florida is one of the few places in the world where both Civil Law Notaries and Notaries Public can be found: here and here the official statements from the State Department about respective legal qualification and legal authority.  Civil Law Notaries are also active in London: they are know as The London Scriveners.